Visiflex PVC Strip Door Curtains

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DMF PVC Visiflex Strip Door Curtains are made to suit custom applications. There are different types of doors suited to different requirements. Made from European standard flexible PVC, you can be sure that your PVC strip curtain will be safe to use, without dangerous leach of plasticiser, that can occur with cheaper alternatives. That is why DMF use the 100% DINP plasticiser only, maintaining compliance with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), a European regulation.

Fitted to our unique slotted anodised aluminium rail, the PVC can be easily positioned to create an effective and even overlap with the adjacent PVC strip. This makes installation simple.

Visiflex Strip Door Curtains These can be made to suit most applications, no matter how big or small the opening is, these come in variety of strip sizes, from 100x2mm to 300x5mm. If required wider sheets, up to 2200mm wide can also be used. Have a look at all available PVC strips, sheets and rolls.
Modular Strip Doors This is an ex-stock item – if you need a strip door in a hurry, this is the way to go! However, Modulars only use 100x2mm strips and are suitable for openings up to 2200mm high;
Premflex Strip Doors Like a coloured touch to your strip doors? Premflex strips come in a number of colours (all see through), as well as clear. They are suitable for small openings (even though made to suit openings up to 3000mm high). These use 75mm wide strips with special ribbed overlap design, which makes them very efficient.
Specification The specification sheets can guide you how to specify your Strip/Screen door to suit your application.



  • There’s a DMF VISIFLEX PVC strip curtain solution to suit every doorway and screen problem!
  • One big advantage you have in specifying VISIFLEX Flexible PVC Strip Doors is the complete product line available.
  • Environmental Control & Worker Safety.
  • Options of flat or double ribbed PVC available
  • VISIFLEX PVC Strip Doors and industrial barriers can help save energy, improve worker comfort and safety, and protect virtually any industry.
  • PVC Strip Doors and barriers are found on loading docks, interior plant passageways, freezers and personnel doors, to name a few.
  • Special grades for WELDING Bays, using approved weldsceen PVC
  • When you specify a VISIFLEX Flexible Strip Door you get a “Clear” advantage in product quality and selection.


Ideal For:

  • Clean Rooms
  • Fume Bays
  • Factory Loading Docks
  • Freezer Rooms
  • Cool Rooms
  • Zoning Screens
  • Laboratories
  • Sound Enclosures
  • Transport Industry
  • Proving Rooms
  • Welding Bays
  • Sauna Rooms


  • REDUCES HEAT OR COLD AIR LOSS; by opening only wide enough to let a person or vehicle through and then closing automatically.
  • ISOLATES NOISE; equipment, work stations and loading docks from other work areas.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE; top quality PVC material features heavy duty strength and tear resistance for long service life.
  • RESTRICTS MOVEMENT OF AIR POLLUTANTS; such as: dust, dirt, smoke, fumes and draughts.
  • INCREASES EMPLOYEE COMFORT; by keeping temperature and humidity under control.
  • MINIMUM MAINTENANCE; easily wipes clean and strips can be replaced independently if required.
  • ADMITS LIGHT, SAVES TIME AND WORK; transparency provides excellent visibility for through traffic. No delays while doors are opened or closed.
  • PROVIDES BIRD AND FLYING INSECT CONTROL; between inside and outside or between different work areas.
  • EASY TO INSTALL; no special labour and tools needed for installation. Shipped knocked down, ready to install.


Solving your door problems for over 30 years!

DMF VISIFLEX PVC Strip Doors and Screens are manufactured using our proven modular componentry systems and advanced production techniques. With 50 years of experience in solving door problems means we can design, supply and install all of your door and screen requirements quickly and efficiently. Our VISIFLEX range can also be combined with other DMF PVC door products to solve all your doorway problems, simply and economically.


An “off-the-shelf” PVC strip door curtain, made to suit a standard doorway sze (maximum height 2200mm). Each panels is made up of five 100x2mm clear (ambient or freezer) PVC strips, overlapping by 25mm. Using three of these panels, a width of 1125mm can be covered, for wider openings, simply use extra panels (see the table below). This door comes with a specially extruded clear anodised aluminium head rail. Installation is very simple…..just fix head rail to the opening and slide-in the modular panels!

Number of Panels 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Width Covered (mm) 385 755 1125 1495 1865 2235 2605 2975 3345
Ex GST Prices
Please add 10% GST
Normal Temperature (NT)
Freezer Temperature (LT)
Price of Panels
AUD 70.00 per panel
AUD 72.00 per panel
Price of Head Rail AUD 21.00 per Inr mtr



  • Ideal for household or shopfront doorways.
  • Exclusive ribbed overlapping design.
  • Available in Clear and SEE THROUGH COLOURS – Smoke-Grey, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red or any combination of these colours.Premflex

Exclusive Ribbed Overlap design:

  • Forms an effective barrier against draughts, cold or warm air, dust, insects. Suitable for small coolrooms and airconditioned rooms – with small openings, which are not subjected to high air pressures.
  • Strip size – 75mm wide x 1.7mm thick.
  • For domestic applications 65mm wide x 1.2mm thick strips are also available (only suits maximum of 2100mm high openings).
  • Domestic Strip Curtain – FIXED SIZE: 840mm width x 2100mm high.
  • Commercial Strip Curtain sizes – Customisable in any width by up to 3m high.


Strip Widtd Depending on the application, 100x2mm, 150×3 (or 5)mm, 200x2mm, 300×3(or 5)mm or 400x4mm strips can be used (or wider sheets for screening applications). Most commonly used strips are 150x3mm, however, this should be consistent with the application and the requirements of sealing, frequency & type of the traffic etc. Special widths of 65mm and 75mm is also available in a variety of colours.
Strip Thickness For external openings, which are higher than normal, 4 or 5mm strips are better than 3mm, however for internal openings, 3mm strips generally work best, however, this should be consistent with the application and the requirements of sealing, frequency & type of the traffic etc.
Overlap Overlap selected should be consistent with the requirements of sealing the opening, frequency and type of the traffic. For instance, the bigger the overlap, the better the sealing. Higher overlap is required for high openings and for high/moderate wind areas.
Head Rail For openings with moderate traffic up to 2200high, light duty head rail is suitable. Medium duty head rail is better for all other openings. Heavy duty head rail is also available for openings with heavy traffic or the openings where many fixings points are not available at the head of the opening. Head rail is made of Clear Anodised Aluminium, specially extruded so that head of the bolts can be slid in.
Fixing Face fixing is recommended, as it gives better sealing on the sides and does not reduce the opening height.

PVC is also available (apart from normal temperature – NT & freezer grade – low temperature – LT) in the following grades/colours:

  • Certified Weld Grade (Bronze)
  • Coloured (Red, Orange, Yellow, Black, all depending on stocked levels or special order)
  • Insect Yellow (insect repellent)
  • Anti Static (on special order only)
  • Plain or double ribbed

Please contact us to discuss these options in detail, so that the doors are suited to your exact requirements.