Rapid Auto Roll and High Speed Doors

Rapid roll door warehouse

Rapid roll door warehouse

Discover an important breakthrough in Rapid Auto Roll technology with opening and closing speeds of up to 1.3m/sec, these fast action roller doors can provide a highly efficient solution to protecting your working atmosphere from blowing out of your doorway, or protection from those annoying insects that can ruin your product.

Rapid Auto Roll Doors, also maybe referred to as high speed roll doors, fast industrial doors, fast action doors, or even zippy doors, are commonly used to control climate conditions of your workspace, warehouse, process room, cleanroom, or workshop.

By customising the design, they satisfy requirements as cleanroom doors, coolroom doors, freezer doors, carpark doors, warehouse doors, carwash doors, mine doors, to name a few

This page details the high speed PVC roll doors. For high speed insulation & security doors, with aluminium or acrylic glass door blades, please click here

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SERIES RL3000C / E High Speed Door:

The RL3000 Rapid Roll door has been designed by DMF to suit many applications within the marketplace. This model uses a single phase PLC control system with the option to suit either a mechanical limit switch settings control (RL3000C) or an encoder limits settings control (RL3000E). Mechanically, these doors are identical.

Various options exist, depending on your selection, including variable speed control, soft start soft stop of door panel, battery backup for power loss situations, and many options of activation. These allow you to obtain the optimum performance for your traffic flow, and also traffic movements in the vicinity of the doorway.

The Series RL3000 componentry design is so simple it can be supplied in a well defined kit form. This can be a major benefit and saving to country and overseas customers by using local technical trades or maintenance persons. To assist, a very comprehensive Installation and Operation Manual comes with the door.P1020439

Using a  900gsm or 1400gsm heavy duty fire retardant Polyskin panel, and efficiently designed columns extrusions, this door is ideal for internal or external applications up to 36sq metres – and with special modifications, can accommodate openings to over 7m in width.

The control system can now incorporate our new RL3000 PLC controller, offering basic programmable features, variable speed control and adjustable hold open timers, and complex 3 way interlocks. This is housed in a plastic IP65 box and features our new HMI (human machine interface) touch screen control.

Common to this range is the optional flexible bottom rail, as shown. For greater safety and less impact damage, this option can save you a lot of money and downtime. The bottom rail can flex laterally or vertically making it the safest bottom rail on the market. However, it is limited in high air pressure applications or external doorways exposed to high wind.Rapid Roll doors warehouse

With the new heavy windbar design, the RL3000 door model can tolerate wind speeds of about 70-80km/h depending on the width of the door

The Series RL3000 fast action door is custom manufactured to suit any application, and DMF has manufacturing in Sydney, and Malaysia.


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Colours available for your Series RL3000 doors:

Please have a look at the POLYSKIN COLOUR CHART for available colours. Please contact us for details on how these coloured can be mixed and how CLEAR pvc can be incorporated within these coloured panels.

Series RL 3000S High Speed Door – NEW:

Mechanically, a little different to the RL3000C, but , at a very affordable price when a tight budget is required.

The structure is stainless steel 201 grade and  powdercoated, with a steel roller assembly, brush sealing, and a full cover for the roller and motorIMG_1444 dmf

This door still comes with our RL3000C PLC controller, offering basic programmable features, variable speed control and adjustable hold open timers. This is housed in a plastic IP65 box and features our new 3way interlock feature

Simple…… Cheap….. but highly reliable.

This door also comes now with the option of stainless steel 304 grade construction, including the door frames, top head brackets, top covers, bottom rail, and control box.

Perfect for areas requiring wash down or food grade areas.


Colours available for your Series RL3000 doors


Colour options, plus more

Please have a look at the POLYSKIN COLOUR CHART for available colours. Please contact us for details on how these coloured can be mixed and how CLEAR pvc can be incorporated within these coloured panels.


SERIES 4000 (Breakout) High Speed Door:

The Series 4000 Rapid Auto Roll Door (previously known as the Rolflex Door), is our original designed door, and is designed to be back in operation within seconds of accidental impact. This model is not a commonly manufactured door model nowadays, but remains a favourite for many clients who have experienced years of good performance.

A heavy duty fast roller door, the Series 4000 can save you, not only in containing your precious internal environment, but in downtime and repair costs due to this breakout feature with auto reset function.

With the ability to accommodate large openings up to 25 sq metres, this door is equipped with a counterweight balance system, which also provides emergency opening of the door in case of a power failure. It has full corrosion protection by zinc plating and powdercoating, or option of full galvanised finish, giving a very industrial like finish

The panel is made from a highly durable, low porous Duraskin PVC , and together with our unique aluminium wind rails, the Series 4000 has the ability to withstand medium wind, while still maintaining the breakout feature.


The Control system, unique to DMF, runs best on single phase supply, and offers a full range of safety features, and programmable features, allowing the user to customise to suit the requirements.

Suitable for a variety of applications, the Series 4000 can be used in freezers operating down to -35° C, cleanrooms, warehouses, production areas, just to name a few. And so contact us so that we can assist you for your application.

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Achieving the best performance from your Rapid Roll door is dependent on the opening device that best suits your application. Your choice will depend on many factors including the speed, mix and frequency of traffic flow. Your DMF representative is well trained to evaluate your specific needs and can recommend the best option for you.

These choices may include:

  • Push Buttons
  • Pull Cords
  • Photo Cells
  • Radio Control
  • Radar Motion Detectors
  • Induction Floor Loops
  • Touchless pushbuttons
  • Integrated with machinery

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