Floor Guides

  • DMF Floor Guides are extremely popular for Automatic Sliding Doors.
  • They are specially designed to suit various sizes (width) of bottom sliding rails.
  • They are made up of twin rubber rollers mounted on extra strength polymer base plates.

Pricing structure is given below:

Item Part Number
Price For Quantity Ordered
(all prices in Australian Dollars)
Singles 50 or More 100 or More
Floor Guide Packs (including masonry fixings) FGP $24.50 $22.60 $20.70
Floor Guides only (loose) FGL $19.10 $17.60 $16.10
Floor Plates FG01 $7.55 $6.40 $6.10
Shoulder Bolts FG02 $2.60 $2.40 $2.20
Rubber Rollers FG03 $5.30 $4.85 $4.40
All Prices are Exclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax) and all prices are Ex-Factory
Packing Weight Part# 1 off 50 off 100 off
Floor Guide Packs FGP 0.2kgs 10kgs 20kgs


FG1 complete jpg

Please contact DMfor further information to order Floor Guides.