Floor Guides

  • DMF Floor Guides are extremely popular for Automatic Sliding Doors, used to guide the door panel.
  • They are specially designed to suit various sizes (width) of bottom sliding rails.
  • They are made up of twin rubber rollers mounted on extra strength polymer base plates.

Pricing structure is given below:

Item Part Number
Price For Quantity Ordered
(all prices in Australian Dollars)
Excluding GST
Singles 50 or More 100 or More
Floor Guide Packs (including masonry fixings) FGP $40.70 $34.60 $28.50
Floor Guides only (loose) FGL $30.00 $25.50 $21.00
Floor Plates FG01 poa poa poa
Shoulder Bolts FG02 poa poa poa
Rubber Rollers FG03 poa poa poa
All Prices are Exclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax) and all prices are Ex-Factory
Packing Weight Part# 1 off 50 off 100 off
Floor Guide Packs FGP 0.2kgs 10kgs 20kgs


FG1 complete jpg

Please contact DMfor further information to order Floor Guides.