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Mezzanine application for rapid roll doors

DMF International manufactured and installed some specialised high speed roll doors in an unusual application under a mezzanine flooring structure. We were requested by the client to provide a sealing solution, for a company who produce specialty safety equipment and fast print safety signs. The design brief was to create a sealed working area under a mezzanine floor, that created an area housing specialised printing equipment. Access was critical to be maintained into the work area, and yet minimised dust entry was necessary to protect the environment.IMG_3758

DMF designed and modified, then installed 3 units of Series RL3000 high speed roll doors, with the drive roller system being housed behind the front structural purlin, resulting in a very neat finished door system. The open spaces remaining on each side of the doors were enclosed using specially fabricated and powdercoated infills.

The rapid roll doors were each about 5m in width, and are activated by pushbuttons, and come with full safety sensors. This width will allow movement of large products in and out of the printing area.

David Kuo, Operations Manager, said “the doors were a great solution and I am very happy with the result, and final appearance”.

These specialised high speed doors are custom manufactured to size by DMF in Sydney, and come with many options, but can also be customised to suit demanding applications. Contact us today for an assessment for your site, by emailing to

Traffic Doors with built in venetian

The traffic door is increasing in variety of applications of use. Recently, DMF supplied and installed some Traffic doors in a hospital operating theatre. The challenge was that laser equipment is used in these theatres and so required the see through windows, but with the ability to be shielded when the laser was in action. DMF came up with the solution of using a venetian design within the double glazed window. This design meant the venetian blind was securely housed between the double glazed windows, and could be opened and closed from an external control . The doors did not lose their heavy duty design or 180 deg swing action, still beinSydney South West Private Hospital 004Sydney South West Private Hospital 008g able to accommodate the heavy movement of equipment and beds through. The door panels are tough ABS with heavy duty polyethylene  (PE) bumpers, and doors were custom made to size for this application.

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Rapid roller doors for carwashes

Carwashes are increasingly utilising the high speed roll door as a method of containing noise and overspray, especially the automated carwashes. DMF have been supplying and installing high speed doors for carwashes since the late 90’s, with a market covering Australia and NZ. The doors are usually interlocked with the automated carwash system, so that upon entry of the vehicle, the door will automatically close when signalled from the carwash, and then reopen on completion of the cycle. The door panel can be made from tough polyester reinforced flexible PVC, with a clear panel section, or an all clear PVC panel, which assists with light transmission and better sound insulation.Mackay Carwash docs

The drive and componentry is designed for use in the moist environments, and doors may be mounted on the outside or inside of the carwash.


High speed folding doors

DMF recently completed a large project for a combined emergency services establishment, supplying and fitting many large high speed folding Efaflex SFT doors. The requirement was for a door that could provide security, and tolerate a quick action of opening, together with reliability and strong wind resistance.. The fast action means doors would be fully opened in a matter of seconds, saving time that is critical in an emergency situation. The Efaflex SFT door could provide this, and yet still offer a very aesthetic finish to the building.Charnwood 236

The doors were designed with a biparting action, and framed windows for maximum light. Full safety sensing was installed and soft stop action means a very quiet operation.

DMF have provided both these and high speed spiral roll doors to a number of clients requiring fast action security doors, including carparks, prisons, airports, and warehouses.


Rapid roll doors exposed to rain

The high speed doors produced by DMF International, are well suited for external applications subjected to rain and wind. By employing a full weather cowling and IP65 rated drive system, the Series RL3000 door can withstand rain showers and wind up to 80km/h depending on the size.

The door panel material is made from a UV resistant polyester reinforced polyskin, which while being durable, is low in porosity providing great ease for cleaning.IMG_2418cr

The columns and covers are all constructed using clear anodised aluminium which will not rust, and further protection may be added by powdercoating. If the environment is highly corrosive, then full stainless steel 304 construction can be used.

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Weldscreen PVC curtains

DMF International flexible PVC strips frequently used in climate control applications such coolrooms and freezers. In addition to our large range of climate control doors, DMF also supply flexible PVC Strip Weldscreens for applications such as welding booths, production lines & workshops.

DMF Weldscreens offer optical and fire resistance and can be custom made to suit the required application size. This product comes in 3 colours, transparent RED, transparent BRONZE/GREEN and matte GREEN (Bronze/Green primarily stocked by DMF)Weldscreen1

The strips come in one size 300mm wide x 2mm thick x 50m rolls and can be assembled to overlap between 50mm-150mm depending on application intensity. Furthermore, DMF Weldscreen properties include: sound reduction, thermal conductivity and tearing, fire &UV resistance. UV absorption charts can be supplied on request showing the level of protection for each type.



Double ribbed PVC strip

Flexible strip PVC is commonly used for Visiflex strip doors, and comes in many sizes of strip widths, thicknesses, and by varying the overlap, the durability of the strip may increase. DMF can supply the option of “double ribbed” PVC to enhance the performance of the strip curtain.

The ribs run longitudinally along both sides of the strip, increasing the thickness at the rib, to provide a number of advantages.Double ribbed PVC

Firstly, the impact wear on the strip diminishes. When a forklift or trolley pushes through, the impact point on the strip becomes the ribs, therefore reducing the scratching and wear on the strip.

Secondly, the ribs increase the overlap interlocking between adjacent strips, meaning that the whole strip curtain provides an improved seal.

And lastly, the strip becomes more resistant to lateral tear due to the increased thickness of the PVC at the point of the ribs.



Easy clean high speed doors

The Efaflex SRT EC (Easy Clean) high speed door has been designed to allow for a very hygienic cleaning regime. It satisfies all requirements of the food industry by allowing full wash down, and with no horizontal surfaces, water will simply run off the door. The columns have a unique design allowing the front column cover to simply lift away to allow full internal wash down, and the column bases are constantly open to prevent any food particles being caught up and creating bacteria or contamination issues.

The door structure is fully stainless steel, and the door panel comes in a flexible high strength reinforced PVC.SRT-EC-2

Full safety sensors are standard, and activation can be by many options available. Maximum sizes for this model is 3750H x 3500W for internal applications.

These doors provide the ultimate in high speed door solutions for the crtitical foord areas, including meat, dairy, food powders etc. Contact


Safety sensors – laser

High speed doors require sophisticated safety sensors to ensure protection of not only the users, but the equipment itself. There have been reported injuries of personnel using high speed doors, and impact damage to doors, as a result of traffic rushing their approach to the door, either on foot or in a forklift, or simply due to inadequate safety sensors fitted. DMF ensures there are at least 2 sensors as standard on the door.Efa-scan 04 lowres

However, as an addition, DMF can now supply the unique Efascan safety laser sensor. These lasers send out 16,000 pulses per second in a horizontal plane to determine a change or detect movement within the scanned area. Two zones are available being a safety zone detecting the presence of any person or object, and an activating zone, which can determine approaching traffic to activate the door. It even determines cross traffic eliminating unnecessary opening. These zones can extend to an incredible 9m from the doorway, and each zone can be adjusted in size and shape to suit.



High speed doors in carparks

DMF International, as part of the inclusion of the Efaflex High Speed Doors to their range, can supply and install a high speed door suitable for after hours security.Efaflex-High-speed-door-2

Operating at approx 2.5m/sec, the Efaflex high speed door is a very impressive door on the high speed door market, in respect to efficiency, high frequency of use, and excellent reliability.

Most roller shutters for carparks are very slow, and cannot tolerate a high frequency of use. The DMF Efaflex door is specifically designed for this application, suitable for up to 250,000 cycles pa.

Being high speed, this design allows for secure entrance, with auto fast closing to prevent the intrusion of the undesired. The design of the door blade also means that the door provides high security and ability to withstand strong wind forces. Options also exist for ventilated door blades, allowing air flow while retaining the security.

The doors can also come with traffic lights, indicating safe access through the entrance / exit, and have a high level of safety due to the unique light curtain detector.