bigstockphoto_Oil_Packaging_1554115Packaging and Printing Industries need highly controlled production environment to be able to produce a high quality product.

DMF doors help the industry players to control their environment so that they, not only meet the compliance, but surpass the requirements so as to offer a superior product. DMF doors are suitable for many applications in the Packaging and Pringing Industries, for example:

  • Clean Rooms/Warm Rooms;
  • Loading Docks;
  • Workshops/Machine Rooms;
  • Printing Rooms/Colour-Paint Rooms;
  • Forklift/Pallet Jack/Trolley Access;
  • Office Entry;

Your requirement might be to control….

  • Temperature;
  • Dust;
  • Noise;
  • Birds/Pests;
  • Odour;
  • Sunlight;
  • Privacy;
  • Traffic Direction;

Many sectors of Hospitality Industry enjoy the benefits of DMF doors, for example:

  • Food Packaging;
  • Document Printing;
  • Aerosol Packaging;
  • Paints;
  • Special Pringing & Packaging;

At DMF, we realise the requirements of the Packaging and Printing Industries and always assess your requirement so that you get a product which is economical and at the same time is best suited to your application. Take a look at some of our selected clientsor contact us for an obligation free assessment of your requirement.