DMF Milestones

Some important dates in the life of DMF

1967    DMF Manufacturing commences in the workshop of JW and DM Fell in Day Rd Cheltenham

1983   DMF becomes incorporated to trade as DMF Manufacturing Pty Ltd

1996   An additional factory is leased to cater for automated door manufacture

1997   In February, DMF launches its first website, being the first Australian company in its marketplace to do so

1998   Change of name to DMF International Pty Ltd, with a new logo and corporate image, reflecting the international trade of the company

2000   J Warwick Fell (Founder and Director) retires

2008  DMF commences selling Efaflex High Speed doors in Australia as trial agency

2010   DMF is awarded exclusive agency of Efaflex GmbH to sell and service their products throughout territory of Australia

2012  Manufacture of RL3000S door commences in China, for SE Asian market

2013   DMF enters a joint venture with Prominent Access Sdn Bhd to manufacture RL3000 Rapid roll doors in Malaysia

2016  J Warwick Fell, the founder of DMF passes away on 30/6/16 after long ill health